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10 places to get (and give) entrepreneurial advice on the Web

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by ConnXus on August 22, 2013

Social networking has gone beyond keeping up with friends and looking at cat pictures. Social sharing is a valuable tool in growing your business by learning from others.

Many entrepreneurial-based Websites feature blogs and forum where business owners can discuss common business challenges and ask each other questions. The open exchange and ideas and experiences is a valuable tool open to any business owner, and the Web has made it even easier than ever to do.

Today, we’re going to highlight 10 places where you can give and receive business advice online. These high-quality Websites can help you take a fresh look at your own business challenges. These sites are updated on a regular basis and address real in-the-trenches issues. You can become part of the discussion or just take a look at what others are saying.

Find one or two forums that you like and get started!

ConnXus helps grow small, woman- and minority-owned businesses by connecting them to Fortune 2000 corporations seeking a competitive edge through supplier diversity. Learn more at

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